Perez Hilton Will Tone Down Content for New, More Ad Friendly Site

By Matt Van Hoven 

The world of online celebrity news gets no more vitriolic than on, a site we’ve mentioned many times before because of the sheer volume of eyeballs it attracts. But the backhanded bitch-slapping Hilton serves up doesn’t suit every brand’s fancy, and to solve that problem Hilton is starting a new site that’s sure to be dull by comparison but a stronger moneymaker.

Along with product placement, the writer will add paid-tweets to his already well-known feed.


The question that arises for us is whether or not his fame will be enough to support the traffic levels advertisers are sure to hope for in this project. My guess is that it won’t &#151 since the value of his current site is in the simple paint drawings and, as noted, vitriolic commentary on Hilton’s part. Without that, the traffic draw may not be as strong meaning. Unless there’s some secret we just don’t yet know about.


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