Pereira & O’Dell Heads to Alaska

By Kiran Aditham 

Hard to top the double-whammy of posts from Van Hoven (who is a good friend that I’ll miss dearly), but the show must go on.

San Francisco shop Pereira & O’Dell is doing its part for the awful Gulf oil spill by sending a few of its crew to Naknek, Alaska–the salmon capital of the world we’ve been told–to launch a temporary satellite office on a fishing boat.

What does this have to do with the BP crisis, you ask? Well POD is raising awareness and funds for the Greater New Orleans Foundation Gulf Coast cleanup that primarily supports the local fishermen who along with their families have been greatly impacted by the spill.

The Pereira & O’Dell camp already launched a Facebook site last week to bring more “likes” to the cause. As for the crew on the half-advertising agency, half-32-foot commercial salmon fishing boat, which departs on June 19 for at least a 21-day stint, it will consist of POD copywriters Russell Dodson and Ross Cavin along with a captain, of course. Art direction for the Naknek office was handled meanwhile by landlocked Brett Beaty and Chris Adams.

But according to POD, this isn’t just a nice fishing trip as the crew, which will also be blogging about their adventure, will have plenty of downtime to get work done since they’ll only have one hour of darkness and the Alaska Fish & Game Dept has a strong conservation mandate to manage salmon fisheries for sustain yield.

The POD Alaska site (which rains or pours according to the weather in Naknek) is up and if you’re down to support the Gulf fisherman, the agency even set up a merch site, with proceeds (as well as a portion of the crew’s salaries) going to the GNOF. Bon voyage and keep plenty of dramamine, mates.

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