People Stand on Luggage for Choice Hotels

By Bob Marshall 

First off, we’d like to apologize for the janky sound on this clip. If you positively cannot watch this clip solely due to the audio lag, you can watch a better version of the spot here.

Anyways, “Anthem” marks Southfield, MI’s own Doner’s first work for Choice Hotels after being named lead creative agency for the brand last December. Aside from encouraging you to stand on your luggage (which can actually be a ton of fun if you’ve haven’t tried it and don’t travel with wine glasses in your bag), the spot also debuts the new tagline, “Your Voice. Your” What’s up with that? As Doner CCO Rob Strasberg says, ““The creative executions for this campaign use the voice of the traveler to position Choice Hotels as the brand with ears.” Watching this spot really only makes me ask one question: “Does anyone know where that dinosaur theme park is?” Credits after the jump.


Rob Strasberg, Co-CEO, CCO
Justin Smith, ECD
Jason Jakubiak, CD
Jason Parzuchowski, CD
Jimmy Kollin, CD
Karen Cathel, CD
Andrew Wright, ACD
David Wysocki, ACD
Jae Hall, AD
Brett Barnett, CW

Production Company: Chelsea
Director: Robb Bindler
Executive Producer: Pat McGoldrick