Pause for the Cause: Introducing 2 New AgencySpies

By Matt Van Hoven 

AgencySpy has so far gone un-updated today because we’ve been busy showing our new writer Kiran Aditham (aka Shape 78) around. He’s the writer who told you which digital agencies are doing it right. We just outed you Kiran, sorry.

Kiran will be a regular here at the spy, helping us shed light on the dark secrets your superiors carry around everyday. His Rolodex is fat like pre-band Peter Arnell, so expect a call soon. You’ve seen his stuff on Creativity and Adotas. But he’s ours now, bwa ha ha. Not really, he’ll still be gettin’ around elsewhere, too.

Then there’s intern Ryan. He doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into. So far his job is to research your agencies’ paint schemes so he can camouflage himself and sneak around. JWT won’t be easy, what with their technicolor ADD factory and all.

We’ll try to get the intern to do ridiculous things on TWIA. Send your ideas to agencyspy at mediabistro dot com.

Kiran can be reached at kaditham at gmail dot com.

Check out the ad above for Steam Whistle Brewing, in Canada. It’s from Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG in Canada.

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