Partners + Napier Wins Outdoor Advertising

By Patrick Coffee 

The New York offices of Rochester-based Partners + Napier just signed a contract to promote…outdoor advertising.

PNYC will be creative lead for the Outdoor Advertising Association of America or OAAA, winning the business after what we assume was a furiously competitive review.

The agency’s mission (which it already chose to accept)? “PNYC will be tasked with increasing OOH’s share of the industry’s overall media budget” by reminding everyone how effective outdoor advertising can be.


The new client’s CMO Stephen Freitas says:

“We are thrilled to be working with PNYC. Their strategy helped us think not just about the power of OOH, but about OOH as a brand with a clear and distinct role in advertising. Their ideas will undoubtedly capture the attention of our industry and drive our message home.”

What strategy was that? Here it is in the form of two tweets, the first of which was definitely NOT a total stunt created to garner media attention

No word on whether A led to Z…

From the release:

“During the pitch, PNYC demonstrated the power of OOH with a well-timed stunt that garnered 18.4 million impressions and nearly $300,000 in earned media in just 36 hours.”

Loving the lack of specificity there, but we all know what that was about now, don’t we?

Someone owes a Spy a drink. Kanye can buy his own.