Partners in Crime and Amanda Balionis Hit the Range to Make Bad Decisions for Supreme Golf

By Patrick Coffee 

Remembers our friends at Partners in Crime, the San Francisco agency launched back in 2016 to play off the “death of the AOR model” by working primarily with a rotating cast of freelancers?

The shop run by partners Stephen Goldblatt and Lee Einhorn, formerly of Mullen and VB&P, has some new work to show off for client Supreme Golf.


PiC called on CBS reporter and “golf personality” Amanda Balionis to help make a salient point: “Save your bad decisions for the course, and start each round with a great decision by booking a tee time through the Supreme Golf app.”

In our lead spot, one unfortunate player keeps trying for a hole in one and not coming anywhere close to pulling it off.

Next, we don’t even play golf and we know better than to use a driver in the rough. Come on, man!

This isn’t the first time the guys have worked with a golf brand; in 2017 we ran their campaign for GolfBook, a digital platform launched in partnership with CBS to help regular golfers better manage their time on the course. (We should note that Supreme Golf and GolfBook are now one and the same after the former acquired the latter in January, and that the combined company now aggregates tee times and deals from that service as well as others such as Golf Now, Tee Off, Golf Advisor, and GolfZing.)

That’s a lot of golf apps!

In the campaign’s final spot, we learn that it’s not just men with Draper-like 5 o’clock shadows who can’t play a good game of golf to save their lives.

“As mediocre golfers ourselves who constantly make bad decisions on the course the campaign idea came very naturally,” said CD Einhorn, who directed this effort.

Goldblatt added, “With this campaign we were able to expand on our model with an approach to production that delivers world class creative without relying on traditional production models, budgets or extensive timelines.”

Judging by the credits, this means PiC handled production internally.

Additional Partners in Crime clients include The Nature Conservancy of California, business travel disruptor TripActions and Nestle’s Blue Bottle Coffee, for which the agency created activations in New York, L.A. and San Francisco to celebrate the launch of the Blue Bottle Coffee Can.


Agency: Partners in Crime
Client: Supreme Golf

Ryan Ewers- Chief Operating Officer
Gene Pizzolato- Chief Strategy Officer

Creative Directors: Stephen Goldblatt, Lee Einhorn
Art Direction: Stephen Goldblatt
Writer: Lee Einhorn
Writer: Mike Tuton

Production: Partners in Crime Productions
Director: Lee Einhorn
Line Producer: Lije Sarke
Director of Photography: Robert Benavides

Post Production: Rough House
Editor: Eric Stafford
Audio: Joel Hopper
Executive Producer: James Hagedorn

Color: A52
Colorist: Paul Yacono
Executive Producer: Thatcher Peterson

Music: Songs for Film and TV
Chief Creative Director: David Fisher