Partner/Co-Founder Leaving NSG\SWAT

By Patrick Coffee 


In case you missed it, agency “mad boy” and Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners founder Richard Kirshenbaum earned a bit of press coverage in AdAge last Friday.

The reason for the interview was the pending move of his new agency NSG\SWAT and Eighty-Eight, a “social media company in which his agency has invested”. The two will soon complete a transition from their former space in SoHo into a new office located on Lower Broadway “overlooking the World Trade Center.”


The interview positions the move as further evidence of the industry’s growing distance from Madison Avenue, but Kirshenbaum sounds almost traditional in saying, “I never pretend to be a digital native, because I’m not.”

Kirshenbaum also discussed growth and recruiting in the interview, and his agency has undergone changes beyond its physical location in recent months. In May, co-founder/creative director Troy Lumpkin left to pursue other projects, and today we can confirm that fellow co-founder and CD Miles Skinner has also tindered his resignation.

Skinner tells us:

“…after almost 4 years I have resigned from my partnership and position at NSG/SWAT. As of 8/28 I will be going freelance to work on a number of creative projects both personal and professional.”

It would appear that Kirshenbaum himself is the last of the three principals mentioned in Stuart Elliot’s 2012 profile. No word on plans to replace either CD.