Parents, This is Your Baby on a Workout Plan

By Bob Marshall 

From Brussels-based Pride/TBWA comes a new hidden-camera style spot that compares feeding your toddler regular cereal to child abuse. No, seriously, it does.

What initially appears to be a PSA for fighting infant obesity is actually a commercial for Olvarit, a toddler-targeted Belgian cereal that comes in flavors like “Banana Stars,” “Honey Rings,” and “Choco Balls.” Ha! “Choco Balls,” you guys! The spot features two things that moms tend to share like crazy over social media and epically long email chains: Candid reactions and babies being adorable. In fact, add some sort of flash mob dancing around to the Mama Mia soundtrack/Michael Buble, and this may be the greatest mommy viral video in history.


So, next time you consider feeding your child Honey Nut Cheerios, remember that poor pacifier-sucking baby, and feed it Honey Rings instead. Your child should really switch up his or her favorite breakfast bee mascot from time to time. And, for the record, if this video gets more plays than the entire population of Belgium (about 11 million in 2011), we’re glad we helped.

(via Pop Goes the Week)