Pandora Jewelry Celebrates ‘The Unique Connection’

By Erik Oster Comment

Pandora Jewelry launched a new Mother’s Day-themed spot, entitled “The Unique Connection.”

The in-house spot celebrates the connection between mothers and their children by blindfolding children and asking them to identify their mothers by touch alone. It certainly doesn’t come as a surprise when each child is able to identify their mother, but we’re guessing moms won’t be able to look away anyway. The tear-jerker ad ends with the message “All women are unique. Celebrate the one in your heart.” While the spot contains little overt branding (one of the moms does appear to be wearing Pandora Jewelry, but it’s a quick shot), it ties the brand to the emotional sentiment while encouraging viewers to purchase Pandora Jewelry for mothers day. A message also pops up midway through the ad, prompting viewers to “Click and find a perfect gift for a unique woman in your life.” While Mother’s Day is still several weeks off, the brand is betting on getting a head start on the competition by being early to the party, and the video, uploaded about a week ago, has already scored over 8 million views.