Palm Ad Disses Americans, Lawn Bowlers, The Elderly

By Matt Van Hoven 

The first moments of this Canadian Palm Pre ad tells you everything you need to know about how America’s Hat (aka Canada) feels about, well, America. “Unlike our neighbors to the south, Canadians are an active people. And we need a phone that keeps up with us.” Well f*ck you too, country of ill will shillers (we kid, no one cares about Canada).

The lines are spouted by a skinny guy who can’t tie a tie, whose job is to introduce Canadians to the Palm Pre. He goes to a roller-derby where no one has heard of the pre and then a lawn-bowling match where no one has heard of Wikipedia. And no one has cell phones because (said an old lawn bowler lady) “I don’t need a phone.” Which kind of kills skinny’s argument that Canadians on the move need phones that can keep up with them. In Old Lady Bowler’s case, the JitterBug makes more sense. And a cup of Metamusil.


Via Gizmodo

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