P. Diddy Is A Moron. Liquor Companies? Get It Together.

By SuperSpy 

P. Diddy wants to share something with you. He wants to tell you about “The Art of Celebration” via a new spot for Ciroc Vodka. The brand has had some trouble competing against Grey Goose, Ketel One and Stoli. Um, so naturally… they signed a multiyear deal with P. Diddly-doo that gave them half of the brand’s profits. Yeah. Unbelievable.

Some analysts are saying it’s working. The brand has seen a slight uptick, but, seriously, we all know the truth of celeb endorsement. It can only get you so far.


First off all – luxury may not be the best insight to be basing your new campaign upon. My usually fabulous art gallery friends? They aren’t celebrating either. No one has an extra $600,000 to drop on Banksy’s latest piece. Oh! And my Wall Street crowd? Most are looking for work, but a few still have gigs that are paying them far, far less. Even Puff is feeling the crunch. He just admitted to only owning the wings of his private plane, “Ciroc Obama” because he can’t afford it!

Diddy is losing his cred and like fast. He’s a one trick stud whose luxury card may no longer be relevant. All this talk about putting Michelle Obama on the Republican ticket (see video above)? His vapid world view? It’s all going pear shaped for Diddy.

There is a much better way to promote drinking in the midst of recession and it has nothing to do with the same old story: luxury, girls and luxury.

I can’t wait for a vodka or any liquor brand to catch on that luxury isn’t going to translate the same old way with consumers right now. Create that spot that features a bunch of late 20, early 30-somethings sitting in bar talking about the troubled financial future, because it sure as hell looks bleak. They decide to go renegade. To grab some bottles, run through the streets collecting everyone they see along the way – hot dog vendors, taxi cab drivers, a band coming off of a show, shop girls as they lock up, kids tagging a building, two office workers heading home. They break into the stock exchange and throw a massive party. The message? The future looks bleak sure, but we can make it better. We’ll find a way to have a good time despite it all. We can make it different. We can take this over.

Cue glasses clinking. Cue smart copy. Cue responsible drinking message and cut. Fuck the celebrities. Fuck the man. Lets get it on.

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