Ovie Raids Sportscenter Offices

By Bob Marshall 

These days, appearing in a “This is SportsCenter” spot is an essential part of a bona fide U.S. sports star’s budding career. At only 25 years old, Moscow-born Washington Capitals winger Alex Ovechkin already has two league MVP titles as well as five NHL All-Star Team appearances in five years with the league. To say that Alex Ovechkin is the single biggest player in professional hockey is an understatement, and though he may not yet have a Stanley Cup title to add to his career statistics, he can bet that this spot will be broadcast during nearly every commercial break whenever the NHL is so much as mentioned in passing on ESPN.

This spot is also ESPN’s way of saying, “Though it seems that we know nothing outside of the realm of sports, we do actually pay attention to the news and know something about sexy Russian spies being a ‘thing’ this past year. This is our tribute to current events.” Add to that a suited SC anchor, and you have the formula for every “This is SportsCenter” spot that W+K has been producing for years. We’ll ask them to stop making these once they stop being funny, but it hasn’t happened yet.


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Creative Directors Stuart Jenning
Brandon Henderson

Copywriter Scott Hayes
Art Director Gary Van Dzura Producer Kelly Dage
Account Team Casey Bernard
Ken Fineo
Executive Creative Directors Kevin Proudfoot
Jerome Austria
Agency Head of Content Production Gary Krieg

Production Company O Positive
Director David Shane
Executive Producer Ralph Laucella/ Marc Grill
Line Producer Ralph Laucella
Director of Photography David Morabito

Editorial Company Joint
Editor Andrew Robertson
Post Producer Sasha Hirschfeld
Post Executive Producer Gary Krieg
Assistant Editor Andrew Robertson

Telecine/Color Correction
Colorist Sal Malfitano
Company The Mill

Artist Jeff Robins
Company The Mill
Phone 212 337 3210
Post Supervisor Charlotte Arnold

Mix Company Sound Lounge
Mixer Philip Loeb