Out with the New, In with the Old for National Sweater Day

By Jordan Teicher 

Turn up those hearing aids…Toronto agency john st. has brought back its Granny-themed National Sweater Day campaign for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Ruth, Florence, Audrey, and a few other lovely ladies from Granny Call Centre 82.0 are back to convince Canadians to wear sweaters and lower the heater on Feb. 7 in an effort to save energy. You should check out the campaign’s site to meet all the grannies and read background info for the cause. You also have the option of nominating your own grandmother if she’s into ugly sweaters and environmental awareness.

The aforementioned john st. which recently amused us with its “Buyral” spoof, tapped into the secret of advertising for this one: Either cute babies or charming grandparents equals success. The only thing missing from the videos is a cutaway to cute babies in ugly sweaters. That would’ve been the equivalent of back-to-back Bingo’s in the nursing home. But the National Sweater Day campaign is still a smart revival for a good cause. Betty White better watch her back. Credits after the jump.


Creative Directors: Stephen Jurisic and Angus Tucker

Copy Writer: Kurt Mills

Art Director: Kyle Lamb

Agency Producer: Mavis Huntley

Account Service: Amelia MacGregor and Melissa Tobenstein

Brand Experience/Planning: Allison Coggins

Director: J.J. Adler

Production Company: Tool of North America/Radke

Exec Producer: Dustin Callif/Miriana DiQuinzo

Head of Production: Simi Dhillon

Line Producer: Nick Sorbara

Director of Photography: Graham Beasley

Editorial (Editor, Editorial company): Chris Murphy, Relish

Audio House: Joey Serlin, Vapor Music