The Best AgencySpy Comment of the Year

By Patrick Coffee 

Since it’s the end of another year and very few people in any industry are doing work worth mentioning, this week brings your standard 2014 roundup listicles like “The 10 Biggest Campaign Posts of 2014” and its pending staffing/client news equivalents.

But we’d be fooling ourselves if we didn’t acknowledge the real reason most people visit this blog. We can’t claim to have read your work as closely as the guys at CommentSpy because that would be exhausting and infuriating. But in the battle for best comment of the year, there’s really no competition.

It’s an easy win for JWT CCO Jeff Benjamin, who joined the mob on the August post confirming his plans to step down from his current position in early 2015:

jeff benjamin comment

Unlike the vast majority of people who visit this site, Benjamin used his own name, used his own image, made a self-referential joke, and managed to write eight words without insulting someone else’s appearance, demeanor, intelligence, or work ethic.

Benjamin’s comment even inspired more than 100 people to click the little upvote arrow, which almost certainly makes it the most popular one posted in 2014. It’s like a model for this site moving forward.