Orci’s New Honda Campaign Features Soccer Song, About Soccer

By Erik Oster 

Okay, so my Spanish may be a little rusty but I’m pretty sure the chorus to “Canción de Futbol” — the new song written by the band Kinky for Orci’s new Hispanic campaign for the 2014 Honda Civic Coupe — is “This song, song of soccer.” That being said, the song, which acts as the centerpiece for Orci’s “Gol!Gol!” campaign, is actually kind of catchy.

With the 2014 World Cup less than six months away, Orci decided to capitalize on people’s rabid obsession with the sport of soccer (I apologize to all international readers for using the term “soccer” but I’m American and am required to by law), as well as the popularity of Mexican electronic band Kinky. Orci wanted to tie fans’ youthful excitement for their favorite sport with the more fun, youthful features of the 2014 Honda Civic Coupe, using the song as a link between the two. “The same young, fun, excitement also applies to the 2014 Civic Coupe, so the song and futbol theme were a natural fit,” explains executive creative director Ricardo Cardenas.


“Gol!Gol!” — filmed by well-known Mexican director Diego Luna — features a couple of young soccer fans driving to a match in their new 2014 Honda Civic Coupe, singing along to “Canción de Futbol.” They soon realize that people they pass are also singing along to the song’s chorus, and dancing goofily — including star player Rafa Marquez. That’s pretty much the gist of “Gol!Gol!” — people jamming out to “Canción de Futbol.” Kinky’s song really is the heart of this campaign, and everything else seems built around it. You can check out the full, two minute version above, and keep an eye out for the 30 and 15 second versions which will air on national Spanish network and cable TV. The campaign was just launched today, and also includes online and mobile executions. Orci will also be taking over Honda’s Hispanic Twitter feed @HondaLatino for the “Gol!Gol!” campaign. “Canción de Futbol,” meanwhile, will receive an iTunes release later in the year. Credits after the jump.Credits:

Creative Director: Ricardo Cardenas/Paula Bourges
Copywriter: Diego Saucedo
Art Director: Aaron Monroy
Account Director: Marina Filippelli
Agency Producer: Allen Perez
Director: Diego Luna
Production Company: Canana Branded Content
Music: Rayney Shockne/Kinky