Orbit Threatens Consumers with Anthropomorphic Food

By Bob Marshall 

From Chicago’s Energy BBDO comes two new spots for Orbit that illustrate the mantra “Eat, Drink, Chew,” a saying that became popular in North Carolina and surrounding regions in the late 18th century.

With the famed Tobacco Road turning to alternative industries due to America’s feeble attempt to kick its dirty, smelly habit, Wrigley brand Orbit is jumping at the opportunity to turn the saying into something positive for its strain of refreshing after-meal gum. To illustrate that Orbit fights bad breath, they’ve turned to living, breathing food mutant actors. Traditionally maligned by society due to their unsightly presence and caustic personalities, it’s inspiring to see these social outcasts given a role, whether they’re a pile of buttery mashed potatoes or a hunk of unidentifiable fried meat.


A second spot depicts working-class Americans’ number one reason for avoiding polo matches. No, it’s not the overabundance of pastel Ralph Lauren sweaters; it’s the fear of breathing partially digested nacho particles onto a horse that someone probably paid a lot of money and accidentally killing it. Remember, only Orbit can prevent a life of indentured servitude under the employ of an oil baron whose polo horse you mistakenly murdered. Credits after the jump.

Agency: Energy BBDO

Chief Creative Officer: Dan Fietsam

EVP, Head of Int. Production: Rowley Samuel

Senior VP and GCD: Leon Wilson

Creative Director, Copywriter: Miller Jones

Creative Director, Art Director: Aaron Pendleton

Senior Producer: Kevin James

VP, Senior Account Director: Pete Ruest

Account Supervisor: Brian Sisson

Senior Account Executive: Niki Shah

Print Producer: Liz Miller-Gershfield

Production Company: Recommended Media

Director: Chris Woods

Executive Producer: Phillip Detchmendy

Founder/CEO: Stephen Dickstein

Line Producer: Darrin Ball

Director of Photography: Neil Shapiro

Production Designer: Alison Sadler