Opperman Weiss Touts Simply 100 for Chobani

By Erik Oster 

Opperman Weiss, who launched a pair of ads for Chobani following the brand’s decision to drop Droga5 as its agency of record, has released a follow-up touting the brand’s new Simply 100 line.

Arriving during Pride Month, the spot showcases a woman eating Chobani Simply 100 in bed over voiceover describing it as 100 calories, naturally sweet and “simply delicious,” while acting as a continuation of the brand’s “Love This Life” campaign. As she gets up out of bed, taking the sheets with her, the spot reveals that her partner is a woman, who smiles as she walks away. While the voiceover itself is a bit hokey in delivery and ad a tad on the bland side, it is nice to see the company get in on the Pride Month celebration and the spot does a better job tying itself to the product than its predecessors.

Chobani chief marketing officer Peter McGuinness told Adweek featuring a lesbian couple was a “natural progression” for the brand as they look to tell “modern American stories,” adding, “For us, it’s why not [feature a same-sex couple]—not why. There’s nothing new here, per say. Inclusion and equality has been and is foundational and fundamental to the company.”