Op-Ed: The Game is Over Before it Starts

By Kiran Aditham 


Our Super Bowl-related submissions continue to roll in, and today, we hear from a familiar name, Jon Bond, co-founder of KBS+P who currently serves as CEO of social media agency, Big Fuel. Let him share an anecdote.

I sat at dinner at SXSW last year in the presence of the Super Bowl ad winners, who had done the VW “Darth Vader” spot that garnered upwards of 30 million views on YouTube. I was sure that I could recreate the steps that led systematically to their triumph. As it turns out, there wasn’t much planning or “strategy”, but it’s still a great spot, and serendipity is much more likely when you have something good.

Here is the way I thought that spot went down, which is the blueprint I believe for social success on the game or within the game; the key is the target. Find a crazy passionate community who has large numbers, and do the spot about something they love. Star Wars? I’d say that qualifies.

Now, that we have the target, the Darth Vader idea isn’t such a reach. But let’s take it one step further and launch the spot the way Mr Lucas launches his Star Wars movies, with a slow pre-launch leak. Brilliant, even if was just an accident.

So, now that you know my little “formula,” let’s see if anyone uses it this year. If they do, my guess is this time, it will be on purpose.