Only on AgencySpy Some JWT Inside Offices Not Answering Their Phones, the Pendulum Swingeth

By Matt Van Hoven 

How many times can we revisit one story; well, when it changes with every next post, we have to continue reporting on what we hear. In this case, our source confirms our initial beliefs about the state of things inside JWT Inside. I’ll lay it out for you, give you the previous links, and let you all sort it out in your heads (hopefully over drinks with friends, or tomato juice if GTs aren’t your thing).

The atmosphere inside JWTI is rife with fear, we’re told. Not just chopping block fear, but the kind cromagnum felt right before a dinosaur swallowed them whole.


Our source indicates that the “Global Agency Webcast” was not planned before yesterday’s post (as we hinted).

If that’s true, we want the JWTI folks to know we feel very very special inside. What’s that saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” If that’s the case, then transparency would have been mightier than the pen for JWTI, because the following info doesn’t stand to bode well for what was mentioned in our previous article.

Apparently, our info about a lack of communication was spot on, meaning managers knew about the shop closings but didn’t tell their employees; probably to keep the remaining addies from jumping ship. Not to be insensitive, but a word to the wise, dust off that resume. May I recommend mediabistro, craigslist and linkedin as possible resources for your near futures.

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We hear that the closed offices have been shut down for quite some time. We can’t say just how long, but multiple sources have confirmed that point. Finding out by accident just makes it worse for all you JWT Insiders. I feel for you &#151 we’ve all been laid off. It happens, and it’s not your fault.

As for CD Kyle Bidlack, the word on the street is that his so called “promotion” to a national position was in fact a Demotion, capital “D.”

“Call it what they will, that’s the fact. We expected that for the guy in Dallas, but he’s gone. I think they had an AD that had been there a long time and copy writer,” said on of our sources.

Sources predict that all of the U.S. offices are set to close eventually, except of course for the big four; New York, LA (corporate) and Seattle. Wait, Seattle is in the big four?

Discuss amongst yourselves. As for us, well it’s late, it’s Friday, and it’s time to head out into the world. Check back later for more.