Only on AgencySpy: GSD&M’s Fires CD over E-Mail Scandal; Internal Paranoia Skyrockets (Part 2)

By Matt Van Hoven 

Only in the Twilight Zone where pig-faced people freak out at what we consider “normalcy” would you expect drama of this nature. Likewise, the advertising world is rife with backwards practices and unique people, and here on AgencySpy their stories play out.

According to two very reputable inside sources, the “CD” responsible for the faux e-mails was none other than GCD Steve Dean.


Confirmation of Dean’s antics comes from a multitude of sources, most of whom are Austin based. We hear that, about a month ago, Dean and partner Tim Sabo were made aware that they weren’t long for the GSD&M world.

The choice to give the fellas a month heads-up may have been respectful, but illustrates why most companies fire folks at 9 a.m., and have them immediately escorted out of the building.

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Cuz if they don’t, it gives their victims time to plan some crazy scheme (ala this one), after which point shit goes haywire and it ends up all over…AgencySpy. Hrm. I bet that policy “option” will change before too long.

It seems our Roy Spence warrant call in may have been a bit misguided. Though there is mo’ definitely a photo of Mr. Dean at the agency’s front desk. We hear you can see it from space.

What’s more, a Web site called deanandsabo dot com, which highlighted the duo’s work, was very briefly up (and linked to in an AS comment). Shortly thereafter, its creators (we presume) pulled it down. So sad! We wanted to see more of their Chili’s work!