Onion Labs, DSW Team Up to Piss Off PETA

By Erik Oster 

The latest from Onion Labs sees them working with DSW to rile the folks at PETA in a new campaign called “Bad Pet Owner.”

This new campaign for the discounted shoe outlet where I once picked out and purchased a pair of shoes in under four minutes while en route to a wedding opens with the spot “Goat.” “Goat” features about as many pet deaths as you’re ever likely to see in an advertisement. Each time the bad pet owner (inadvertently) kills a pet, he goes to DSW for a new pair of shoes so he can use the shoebox to bury his deceased animal pal. By the end of the spot, he has a quite the shoe collection — and a backyard pet cemetery. Watch it before PETA files a complaint to have it taken down.

In addition to the “Goat” spot (and one forthcoming) Onion Labs has also rolled out a Men’s Fashion section on TheOnion.com sponsored by DSW. The section includes older content that fits the category, as well as new, sponsored content like “Dead Hamster Feels Its Life Has Been Properly Honored With Shoebox Coffin,” which dovetails nicely with the “Goat” spot. Incorporating material on its parent site in addition to the humorous video really plays to the budding agency’s strengths and shows what kind of potential they have in the future.

Good luck with the (inevitable) ensuing PETA lawsuit, Onion Labs. We’re pulling for you. Credits after the jump. DSW/Bad Pet Owner – Credits

AgencyOnion Labs
Production CompanyMuster Master Pictures
Executive Creative ProducerAngie Gaffney
ProducerMatt Corrado

Director: Mac Eldridge
WriterDavid Smith
Director of PhotographyDavid Wagenaar
Production DesignerCaitlin Laingen
EditorMac Eldridge
ComposerSeth Boggess
Associate ProducerJessica Bahowick