One Israeli Agency Has Developed a Solution to the Dreaded ‘Dorito Fingers’

By Patrick Coffee 

Among the many First World Problems affecting consumers today, none may be quite as prevalent or unavoidable as Dorito Fingers.

You know this affliction from the telltale orange-yellow crumbs that follow even the smallest snacking session. And since most Dorito eaters do not have the foresight to bring a hefty paper towel roll along with their bag o’ chips, they tend to wipe the remainder on whatever happens to be nearby: otherwise clean couches, unsuspecting jeans and even innocent puppies. (No cat would ever tolerate this.)

Tel Aviv agency Gefen Team has the answer—and it won’t make a crinkly sound.


We have so many questions, chief among them whether this bag actually houses said Doritos and if it can indeed survive a few rounds at the corner laundromat.

“Since this is an issue widely common in the gamers community, Doritos has collaborated with BUG, the largest gaming retailer in Israel, for a limited early launch of the Doritos Towel Bag,” the release claims. It also states that the campaign “includes a collaboration with leading Israeli gaming YouTubers.”

The Pepsi brand doesn’t seem to have promoted any such videos yet, but we wouldn’t mind seeing PewDiePie put the bag over his head.

G Team’s other clients include SodaStream, LG, and Microsoft.

UPDATE: Shout out to the Gefen employees who are leaving comments on this post praising their own work. Great job, guys.