Omnicom’s We Are Unlimited Debuts First Work for McDonald’s

By Erik Oster 

This August McDonald’s chose to consolidate its advertising account with Omnicom, following a creative review dating all the way back to April which proved somewhat controversial when the client’s unusual financial demands led to WPP withdrawing in May.

After winning the account, Omnicom launched the dedicated We Are Unlimited unit to service the client. Now, around two months later, We Are Unlimited has released its first work for McDonald’s in the form of “There’s a Big Mac For That,” a 60-second spot promoting its limited time Mac Jr. and Grand Mac extensions of the chain’s signature sandwich.

The spot takes the form of an imitation rap music video, with rhymes directly related to the Big Mac and how now, there’s a version of it for anyone and everyone (unless you’re a vegetarian), to celebrate any occasion. We’re a little surprised the guy who just “closed a big deal” doesn’t go out for a proper steak but then maybe it was more of a Big Deal Jr. (trademark AgencySpy, 2017). Other occasions in which to celebrate with two all beef patties (although the Mac Jr. appears to only have one), special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions on a sesame seed bun include finding money while doing laundry, social media success, “a fresh fade,” mobile gaming and dating success. Also, if you just happen to be craving some special sauce.

In addition to the national broadcast campaign, which includes the Grammys, Oscars and Super Bowl pre-game show, there will also be a large digital push across social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. “There’s a Big Mac For That” follows the brand’s Special Sauce giveaway on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Client: McDonald’s
Agency: We Are Unlimited
Chief Executive Offier: Brian Nienhaus
Chief Strategic Officer: Graceann Bennett
Chief Production Officer: Jon Ellis
EVP,ECD: Christina Yu
Creative Director: Jennifer Rossini
AD: Andrea Knowles, Patrick Shing, Eric Carriere, Catherine Wong, Meagan Patry
Copywriters: Lauren Riddoch, Phil Hahn, Benjamin O’Neill, Angeline Parsons
Group Account Director: Matthew Schabdach
Account Supervisor: Samantha Hess
Account Executive: Katelyn Ledford
Account Manager: Tom Briggs
Retail Senior Account Director: Devin Hauser
Zocalo Group
EVP, Strategic Planning: Emily Bader
Senior Account Executive: Becca Toth
Director: We Are From LA
Producer : James Groves
Prod. Comp: Iconoclast
Editor: Cutters Chicago Grant Gustavson
Music: South
Photographer: Stephen Hamilton