Omnicom Continues To Snap Up The Little Fish

By SuperSpy 

Omnicom posted a huge profit yesterday. Investor confidence is running high and John Wren has got to be psyched. The leading global advertising group has acquired a majority interest in Shift, one of the top digital consultants in New Zealand.

Shift will work closely with TBWA, TEQUILA and Worldwide.


“We are very excited to be working with Shift as we have admired them
for a long time. We hope that we will be able to export some of the ‘kiwi
know-how’ to the rest of the world at the same time as we make our digital
offering even stronger,”
said Keith Smith, President – International,

The ‘kiwi know-how?’ Kevin sounds thrilled doesn’t he? Another shop comes under the banner. The founder of shift is Selwyn Feary (pictured above). He is, most likely, genuinely thrilled.