OMD This, Jon Raj That

By SuperSpy 

Good morning! More news coming out of OMD about its restructuring to stay a lean mean, fighting machine. Jon Raj has been named chief digital officer of OMD USA, replacing that hot 40-under-40 Scott Hagedorn, was recently named managing director of OMD’s East Coast region. AdWeak reports that previously, Raj was VP, advertising and emerging platforms at Visa, an OMD client, but prior to that he pulled stints at Saatchi & Saatchi, Ketchum, CKS and Tonic360. Welcome back, Raj! You know its more fun on the advertising side of the pond. The ad biz is, you kno, it’s more creative, possibly even more free, as you get to work on more brands than the one, get your hands dirty.

Anyway, Raj is going to take up the charge of integrating OMD’s digital units.


“As part of that integration, a digital specialist now sits on every account team and employee training is being implemented to instill new technologies as a core competency among all team members.”

How long do you think that will take and what technologies do you think they’re talking about? Sigh. Why doesn’t AdWeak ask these questions upon follow-up of receiving the press release rather just printing that shit verbatim. Why?