Oldest Brewery in Australia Employs ‘The Feel’

By Bob Marshall 

Never heard of Australia’s Cascade Brewery? Well, to Aussies, the place is legendary. The brewery, founded in Tasmania in 1824, predates the Commonwealth of Australia by 77 years, and to this day it still produces its own malt for beer from locally grown barley. To promote Cascade (now owned by Foster’s), Droga5 and production company Revolver were given the somewhat difficult task of emphasizing the brewery’s charm without sacrificing its integrity.

Instead of taking the Sam Adams route and employing the rocking riffs of George Thorogood and the Destroyers to underscore the brands devotion to quality, Droga5 opted for Nylon Studios composer and Australian native Blair Joscelyne to give the ad a quaint, almost otherworldly feel. Add to that the scenic Australian countryside and, wow, a brand of Australian beer that isn’t threatening you with an ass-kicking in its commercials.


Sure, Miller and Anheuser-Busch will try to make you laugh, but when was the last time either of them took you on an adventure?

Credits after the jump.

Agency: Droga5 Sydney
David Nobay – Creative Chairman
Duncan Marshall – Executive Creative Director
Cam Blackley – Creative Director
Cam Blackley – Writer
Kirsty Galmes – Art Director
Paul Johnston – Head of Broadcast
Jamie Clift – Business Director
Esther Knox – Account Director
Angus Ingham – Account Manager
Sudeep Gohil – Strategic Planning Director
Toby Harrison – Strategic Planner

Production Company: Revolver
Director: Steve Rogers
Producer: Pip Smart
Executive producer: Michael Ritchie
Cinematography: Geoffrey Simpson
Music: Nylon Studios
Editor: Alexandre De Franceschi
Post Production: Fin Design & Effect

Cascade (CUB)
Peter Sinclair – Marketing Director
Mim Orlando – Brand Manager
Rachel Veltman – Assistant Brand Manager