Old Spice: ‘Anthropomorphic Hair Will Get You Laid’

By Bob Marshall 

W+K Portland has been very, very busy for Old Spice. First it was body spray with the “Smellcome to Manhood” campaign aka “Mom Song.” Then last week it was the triumphant return of Isaiah Mustafa and the “Interneterventions” surprise online campaign. Now, breaking the consistency of strange portmanteau puns is “For Hair That Gets Results,” marketing Old Spice’s line of hair care and styling products.

The first 30-second spot, “Meeting,” finds a studly studs mop of hair jump off his head and get a girl’s number. The lesson? If, young man, you pull this move, you’ll get a phone number that connects to a voicemail message that says, “Hey, I can’t come to the phone right now. I’m either studying for my master’s degree or having a tickle fight with my friend, Consuela. (Giggles.) Stop it, Consuela, I’m going to get you!” Yep, pretty cool.


The second, “Boardwalk,” teaches young men another valuable lesson. You see, a lady wants your hair to tell her if you can put in baby in her. You know, through the means of sexual intercourse or via a mechanical claw. Credits after the jump.


Creative Directors Craig Allen / Jason Bagley

Copywriter Jason Kreher

Art Director Max Stinson

Producers Hayley Goggin / Katie Reardon

Account Team Georgina Gooley / Liam Doherty / Nick Pirtle / Jessica Monsey / Michael Dalton

Executive Creative


Head of Production Ben Grylewicz


Production Company MJZ

Director Tom Kuntz

Executive Producer Scott Howard

Line Producer Emily Skinner

Director of Photography Andre Chemetoff


Editorial Company McKenzie Cutler

Editor Gavin Cutler

Asst. Editor Ryan Steele

Producer Sasha Hirschfeld

Susan Hoffman / Joe Staples