Oh, Yes! Yes! The Speckies!

By SuperSpy 

The Speckies is looking for your entry. What is a Speckie? Good question. From the press release:

“The Speckies level the playing field for creatives because it enables them to showcase any of their ad ideas that did not run which in turn allows us to award the best ideas on their merit, rather than being based on luck and the ability to survive all the politics and bureaucracy of the advertising world.”


Ain’t that the truth.

“Additionally, The Speckies broadens the playing field so we can see different ideas from all sorts of people instead of the same five people who win at every show.”

Now, you guys have us kinda hot. So, um, who judges this thing?

“Judges include Doug Jaeger from the Happy Corp; Katy Dreke from Wexley School for Girls; Nick Cohen from W+K Shanghai; Jim LeMaitre (former BBDO, W+K), Steve Hall and some others.”

We’re a little offended you didn’t ask us, but whatever. We’re so sold. Get the full entry details here. This sounds like fun, no? Something to lighten the heavy load of the industry a bit, laugh a little and show off the best work no one has ever seen, too? Awesomeness.