Oglivy’s Dilemma: Wachovia Gets Bought By Citibank.

By SuperSpy 

The latest in regards to Wachovia is that bank has been purchased by Citibank for $2.2B. That means no more Wachovia, right? Where does this leave recent account winners Ogilvy?

The winning of the account was huge for Ogilvy. Talk about a morale booster. It meant that the agency’s creative team beat out the pack, proved they could perform a real brand transformation. How much does this suck for Ogilvy creatives? Sorry guys.


We hear that… Wachovia has made no contact with Ogilvy so who knows how this will all go down. However, thankfully, our sources tell us that Ogilvy had yet to spend a dime on any bit of the account.

We also hear that… TBWA/Chiat Day is counting up the myriad of bills from Washington Mutual, which surely, will not be paid. How far down on the list of creditors do you think they are?