Oglivy Is Making A Move

By SuperSpy 

It’s been widely reported in real estate pages here in New York that Ogilvy is moving out of Worldwide Plaza. Lots of corporate offices are decamping to less desirable areas due to the massive rents required in the Big Apple. According to Crain’s, Manhattan release estate falls into three groups:

“A, B and C. Class A products are generally new, large, well-located and loaded with such amenities as 24-hour security. Class B buildings are older, smaller and provide fewer services. Class C offers no frills.”


Worldwide would be an A. The new Ogilvy offices at 11th Avenue and 46th Street might be considered a B (we’re not sure of the frills), but to us – it’s a total C. Have you ever been to 11th and 46th? Have you ever taken the subway to 11th and 46th? Oh right. You can’t. The best staffers will be able to do it get off at 8th and hoof-it the 3 long avenues plus whatever blocks between 50th or 42nd (depending on which stop on the blue line you have access to). Can you imagine that in the winter time?

It’s a no man’s land over there. The Penthouse strip club is a block away and it’s also about four blocks from the NYPD car pound. How lovely. Perhaps that why Ogilvy employees are a little miffed. No doubt.