Ogilvy’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Video Series for British Airways Stokes Nostalgia

By Erik Oster 

I grew up reading the classic Choose Your Own Adventure book series, so Ogilvy’s new Choose Your Own Adventure video series “Yourope” for British Airways has brought on a welcome rush of nostalgia.

The initial video positions you at a British Airways terminal with a choice of four destinations which you can choose to visit: Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, and Rome. The “choose your own adventure” aspect doesn’t end with choosing a destination, however. When you choose Barcelona, you’re given a choice between night and day; when you choose Rome you get to choose between “old” and “new”; in Berlin the choice is between “punk” and “posh”; and in Paris it’s “classic” and “curious.” A different video, each directed by Brandon LaGanke, will play based on which side of the destination you choose. Once it’s complete, you can choose to explore the other side of your destination or to travel somewhere new. For example, if you chose night Barcelona you could then check out daytime Barcelona.

It’s a fun idea, and the execution is well done. Not stopping at choosing a destination, but adding different aspects of the same city creates depth and really adds to the illusion that you’re choosing your own destiny. That each side of each city is given not only its own video, but a different feel — complete with a unique music selection — is the icing on the cake. I’m sure we’ll have haters in the comments section decrying this as a lame, digital gimmick, but I found it to be good fun. If this series left you hungry for more Choose Your Own Adventure style shenanigans, check out this kickass Freaks and Geeks interactive game. Credits after the jump.Credits:


Advertiser: British Airways

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather New York

Chief Creative Officer: Alfonso Marian

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