O&M Japan Illustrates Kids’ Dreams for Konica Minolta

By Erik Oster 

Here’s a cheery Monday item: Ogilvy&Mather Japan’s created a “Dream Printer” project for Konica Minolta, asking children what they dreamed of being when they grew up and then showing them what it would look like if their dreams came true.

Playing off the brand’s core concept of “Giving Shape to Ideas,” Ogilvy&Mather set up shop in Gantry Plaza State Park in New York, placing their “Dream Printer” in the middle of the park. The printer asked curious children what to write down their dream. Within minutes, the “Dream Printer” dispensed an illustration of the child fulfilling his or her dream, much to their delight. Ogilvy&Mather and Konica Minolta spread a lot of smiles during the process, and you can check out the project in the video above. At the end of the video, as night falls, the printer’s true identity is revealed.


“We wanted to encourage children by showing them that the more you imagine, the more your dreams take shape,” explained Yuki Kobayashi, general manager of Konica Minolta’s CSR, Corporate Communications & Branding Division. “Dream Printer” is a cute little project, part of a larger campaign employing the “Giving Shape to Ideas” concept in different ways. Whether or not it helped spread brand awareness, “Dream Printer” made a bunch of kids happy, which we think is a great accomplishment in itself. If you can spare the 3:26 to watch “Dream Printer,” it just might be the positive start to the week that you need. Credits after the jump. Credits:

Advertised brand: Konica Minolta

Advert Title: Dream Printer

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy&Mather Japan

Creative Director: Akihito Abe

Copywriter: Takenori Hashimoto

Production Company: amana