OgilvyAction Taiwan Makes Augmented Reality Mustaches

By Ella Riley-Adams 

In the West, many of our favorite male celebs sport stubble. But in Taiwan, 73 percent of men think grooming is about cleanliness, so they shave away any shadow of facial hair.

OgilvyAction Taiwan needed to impress the importance of Philips Male Grooming kits, grooming technology that can do far more than strip the face of fuzz. So, they came up with a three-part system. When men entered specific salons in Taiwan to get their hair cut, they were given capes featuring an arm holding a Philips trimmer emblazoned on the front. Then, when it came time for a glass of water or tea, they were given Ogilvy’s specially developed “Low-tech Augmented Reality Mugs.” When each man lifted the mug to his lips, he saw himself reflected in the salon mirror sporting facial hair. Some mugs had mustaches, some goatees.


The third aspect of the promotion was a 50 percent-off gift certificate for Philips grooming products. “No apps, no downloads, no wireless 3-G networks involved.”

By going low-tech, hands-on, and piquing curiosity in an enabling environment (salon employees could encourage men to try something new), Ogilvy planted a strong seed of interest in these men’s minds. Thanks to Vincent at OgilvyAction Taiwan for dropping this on our Facebook wall. We’re looking forward to seeing what low-tech AR can accomplish next. Tattoo previews? Freckle promotions? Lipstick testing?

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Advertising Agency: OgilvyAction, Taipei, Taiwan
Regional Executive Creative Director (Asia Pacific): Daniel Comar
Creative Directors: Chyi Lin
Assistant Art Director: James Lei
Group Account Director: Julia Ou

Associate Account Director: Vincent Chang

Account Executive: Joanne Mei
Production: Jack Wu, Peggy Chou
Designer: Alex Noble, Kenny Foo, Fong Wei Kit