Ogilvy Shanghai Re-Thinks Toy Meals for KFC

By Erik Oster 

Ogilvy Shanghai has a new campaign for KFC leveraging the popularity of Korean boy band EXO.

A new broadcast promotes the agency’s re-thinking of the toy meal giveaway, as QR codes on EXO figurines given away with KFC’s new Korean meals unlock a mobile 3D dancing game featuring the band, as well as offering users bonuses like virtual selfie shots with the band, Wechat GIFS and more. The spot itself is pretty hard to follow, thanks to some questionable translation leading to such gems as “should be seen on a committee satellite into a deep,” “highlights like gonna die soon yeah” and “today’s esos enough time John online.”

At any rate, the campaign targets a slightly older crowd than typical toy giveaways — 16-24 fans of the band, according to a press release — and “marks a range of firsts for all parties involved,” according to Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai Vice President Henry Ho, who added, “We engage EXO enthusiasts with a fun mobile game, but ultimately, we keep the player’s attention by offering fresh, exciting activities and, ultimately, helping them interact with each other as well.”



Chief Creative Officer: Graham Fink

Creative Director/ Deputy Head of Digital: Sascha Engel

Group Creative Director: James Lee

Associate Creative Director: Marc Viola

Art Director: Li Wen, Da Lin

Copywriter: Terrace Liu

Digital Strategy: Simon Usifo/ Chelsea Zou

Account Supervisors:

Henry Ho/ Christopher Wu/ Yu Hong/ JC Wu/ Fiona Wu/ Mikki Li/ Junjun Ji


Sonic Zhao/ Coolio Yang/ Winnie Wang/ Joy Ji/ Miya Kang/ Le Luo/ Qian Zhang/ Jin Feng