Ogilvy Reunites Barkley with Former Teammates for CDW

By Erik Oster 

Ogilvy & Mather Chicago launched a new iteration of its “People Who Get IT” campaign for CDW starring Charles Barkley, timed to launch during March Madness.

Scottie Pippen and Rick Mahorn join Barkley at fictional company Gordon & Taylor for the 30-second “Teammates,” which will undoubtedly be the spot to attract the most attention. Bringing in basketball legends is a tried and true formula for appealing to March Madness crowds, so bringing in former teammates of Barkley makes a lot of sense for the campaign. In the spot, Barkley brings in Pippen and Mahorn as new hires and his co-workers question if that’s really necessary, given how efficient the office is running. The brand promotion in the middle of the 30-second ad, while tied to the theme convincingly enough, still comes across as a little forced and stilted but it’s still the most memorable ad of the bunch. Barkley has been appearing in the “People Who Get IT” campaign since 2012 now, and a few of these ads have the feeling of a campaign that’s stretching for new ideas. Barkley presenting his own “New Ideas” actually delivers a few humorous moments, though. The broadcast spots are supported by radio, print and digital components.


“Featuring Barkley in our ads, and expanding our roster this year to include Scottie Pippen and Rick Mahorn, enables us to tell our story in an entertaining way that matches the excitement of March Madness, while also highlighting our partners’ key IT offerings,” Neal Campbell, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at CDW, said in a statement.