Ogilvy & Mather U.K. Has Introduced a Totally New Approach to Creative

By Erik Oster 

Ogilvy & Mather U.K. group chief creative officer Emma de la Fosse is introducing a new model for the agency called Makerspace, Campaign reports.

Get ready, because it is going to totally revolutionize the way creative agencies work, you guys! For reals this time.

Here’s the skinny: Rather than focusing on planning and research in the initial stages of the creative process, the agency will jump right in to creating a rough version of its intended approach immediately, while working within existing client budgets, aiming to complete each Makerspace project within a month. Campaign notes this could range from a pilot spot to launching social content that acts as a litmus test of public response to the work. The idea is that showing clients a tangible example of the creative approach in a meeting will result in a shared vision for strategy while allowing the campaign to reach its final stages more quickly.


Skeptical? Of course you are. But the agency is currently working with Dove, Pizza Hut and American Express on such Makerspace live briefs.

Ogilvy & Mather Group U.K. plans to adopt the Makerspace approach throughout its agencies and has set up a team to aid adoption of the strategy. Led by strategic maker Gary Bonilla, the team will be comprised of a data analyst, coder, two creative technologists, an Ogilvy PR executive and a paid media specialist from Neo@Ogilvy.

De la Fosse told Campaign the approach would result in the agency creating more work, adding, “The amount of chat that goes on in an agency is painful – it can take up to a year to make a TV commercial.”

The revolution will not be televised. Take note.