Ogilvy Launches Big Apple Bike Share Program

By Kiran Aditham 

If you happened to be strolling around the West Side Highway in Manhattan this morning (hopefully you brought an umbrella), you probably saw Ogilvy bike riders pedaling past you (our intern Ralph Lee was supposed to view the festivities firsthand, but he’s apparently afraid of a little drizzle…wimp). Anyways, the well-Tweeted event marks the launch of Ogilvy’s new OgilvyBikes corporate bike share program, which includes the creation of 150 covered bicycle spaces in the agency’s new West Side garage to accommodate the bevy of Breezer rides the agency’s purchased.

According to the release, the agency is offering free helmets to those who want to join the program and ride loaner bikes as well as accoutrements like a shower facility. One of Ogilvy’s main goals with the program is to show how it’s reducing its carbon footprint at its new green HQ on 11th Ave.


In a statement, O&M North America COO/OgilvyBikes lead Gunther Schumacher explains, “When we moved to our new building we purposefully incorporated as many green elements as possible, underscoring sustainability as an important business objective for Ogilvy. The OgilvyBikes program comes at a time when the City is opening up streets for bicycles and a greater number of our staff is looking to be part of a movement driving environmental change close to home, while getting fit and having fun at the same time.”


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