Ogilvy, Geometry Get Musical with Glass in Suntory Spot

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s some interesting work from Ogilvy & Mather Japan and Geometry Global.

To support client Suntory, which also sponsors one of Japan’s premier concert halls in Tokyo, the agencies collaborated on a project in which the drink glasses of 300 volunteers were turned into musical instruments.

The audio on this one seems to be real (though possibly augmented, of course):

How did the agencies do it? They worked with “world-class conductor Mr. Yutaka Sado,” who helped coordinate or conduct the “audience of up to 300” who showed to observe and make music (or some approximation thereof) with “carefully crafted note-shaped ice placed in each glass.”

Masato Mitsudera, Head of Creative for Geometry Japan, says:

“…we looked to create a concept that would appeal to a younger audience – one that is increasingly interested in the classical music scene.”

From Ogilvy Japan CCO Ajab Samrai:

“This integrated campaign seamlessly brings together both the musical and drinks heritage of the company with the world’s first ‘drink instrument.'”

Not sure that it’s the world’s first, but if we may offer our humble opinion, this project was a bit more successful than a recent attempt by DDB Brussels to sell classical music to the young folks with some ill-timed twerking.


Agency:                             Ogilvy & Mather Japan (O&M) / Geometory Global Japan (GGJ)
CCO:                                  Ajab Samrai (O&M)
CD:                                    Masato Mitsudera (Head of Creative of GGJ)
PL:                                     Yasushi Arikawa
AD:                                    Akihiko Ono
C:                                       Shinichiro Fukushima
MD:                                   Masahiro Saito
AD:                                    Koichi Maeda
AE:                                    Ai Shimomura
Production:                      TOKYO / TAIYOKIKAKU
Pr:                                      Kazushige Fujie, Hidekatsu Nagasawa
PM:                                    Toshiaki Fujishima, Tomoko Morishige, Ryusuke Yoshida
Dir:                                    Eiji Tanigawa
Ca:                                     Senzo Ueno
Lig:                                    Masachio Nishida
Art:                                    Etsuko Akiba

Sound Design:                 invisible designs lab

Music:                               audioforce