Ogilvy Does Green And Grey Kinda Forgets

By SuperSpy 

The Environmental Defense Fund and Ogilvy New York have released a new series of broadcast and PSAs designed to urge Americans to take advantage of mass transit, carpooling and biking to combat global warming. I love the ad above, which features work from artist Joshua Allen Harris.

Remember when Grey New York went green in September 2007? They even started a website. It had a blog. It was last updated on April 9, 2008. It hasn’t even been a year and yet, Grey has let the whole thing just sputter and die. I’m sure that the office is still recycling, but this wonderful mission they were on to encourage other agencies to go green? Didn’t pan out so well. The only agency to join was one called, Ologie. At the same time, this whole “green thing” was a way in which, to improve and enhance the agency’s image. What happened to that? It’s shot to hell. That’s what happened. All hell just by slowly letting the program go. Didn’t your mama ever tell you not to start something you couldn’t finish?


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