Ogilvy Chicago Drops Jimmy Dean’s Sunshine Mascot, Shines It Forward

By Erik Oster 

Jimmy Dean, which appointed Ogilvy & Mather Chicago as its new creative agency of record in April after over a decade with TBWA/Chiat/Day, has launched a new campaign from the agency notable for the absence of the brand’s sunshine character.

TBWA/Chiat/Day utilized the character even when Jimmy Dean extended beyond breakfast to the instant lunch/dinner market, so his absence is quite the change for the brand. In place of the familiar brand mascot, Ogilvy & Mather created a campaign around the concept of “Shine it Forward,” which is something of an evolution of the good deeds the character performs in TBWA/Chiat/Day’s last work for the brand and an extension of his overall positivity.

At the center of the campaign, which Jimmy Dean group vice president, general manager Eric Schwartz told AdAge is “made for digital at the core” is the 90-second online ad “#MondaysForGood,” which introduces a new social initiative from the brand. Beginning with the obvious but universal observation that Monday mornings are the worst. So the brand proposes a solution: take Monday mornings off to volunteer your time doing something good and getting behind the initiative by giving its own employees Monday mornings off “To go do something good.” A supporting social element includes a sample letter to a boss to propose involvement with “#MondaysForGood” (good luck with that).

There’s also a 30-second broadcast version of the spot, as well as a more straightforward broadcast effort, entitled “Morning Goodness” which shows a chain of reactions set off by one man giving away his umbrella and a print component. The campaign also aims to grow Jimmy Dean’s presence on Instagram.  “We’re expecting our enhanced way of connecting with consumers around passion points to be something we can build on for years to come,” Schwartz added.