Office of Baby, StreetEasy Remind Us That the Rent Is Too Damn High

By Patrick Coffee 

Paul Caiozzo and his partner Nathan Frank have been busy since Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ New York office closed over the summer. They launched a new venture called Office of Baby and continued working with some of the clients from GS&P including ZocDoc and StreetEasy, a real estate listings app/resource for the New York City area.

Think of it as a spam-free Craiglist.

This week, Office of Baby released StreetEasy’s second official ad campaign, an OOH effort that will primarily appear on subway trains, in stations and on signs above the stops.


The concept will be very appealing to anyone who has ever actually lived here or, more importantly, gone through the torture that is finding the best possible apartment on a limited budget.

The jokes are very specific. For example, the “fancy supermarket” mentioned in this one starts with a “Whole,” ends with a “Foods,” and sits on one of the most famously polluted bodies of water in the continental United States.

streeteasy 1

Gowanus is so bad that would-be rescuers were afraid to risk saving an injured dolphin that wandered in back in 2013. (SPOILER: the dolphin died.)

Here’s one mocking all the finance bros who make up the “meat” in the Meatpacking District.

streeteasy 2(We always assumed they just visited the Meatpacking clubs on Friday nights.)

The biggest joke about this one is the unlisted price of such a magical West Village apartment with outdoor space and three/four bedrooms. Our guess would be right around $6000.

streeteasy 3An extended version of the ad above includes “doorman” and “washer/dryer,” which would bump that price up by at least a thousand bucks.

The big question regarding this East Village listing would be, “How many roommates?” If it’s listed at $1,500 per bedroom, we’re guessing at least two and as many as five…despite all the roaches.

streeteasy 44The subway car ad hits pretty much every Park Slope stereotype, right down to the performance fleece. But what about the Baby Bjorn!

streeteasy park slopeThe release elaborates:

“‘What’s your dream house?’ is not a question that very many people ask in NYC. Whether you are rich or poor, buying or renting, finding a home in NYC takes a carefully calibrated set of priorities and a love for compromise.”

New York doesn’t just have the world’s most expensive apartments…it also has the priciest hotels. But you already knew that, too.


Office of Baby

Creative Partner : Paul Caiozzo
Creative Partner : Nathan Frank
Art Director: Esai Ramirez
Copywriter: Steve Mcelligott, Jerome Marucci
Executive Producer: Anthony Nelson
Illustrator: Shy the Sun