Office of Baby Asks ‘How Close Is Too Close?’ in Virtual Reality Project for XFINITY, Nascar

By Erik Oster 

Office of Baby created a VR experience bringing Nascar fans closer to the action than ever for Nascar-sponsor XFINITY.

The app puts viewers right in the drivers seat, experiencing all the action of a NASCAR race through a VR headset. Determined to share the experience with as many NASCAR fans as possible, XFINITY debuted the experience at the Daytona 500, where fans and actual NASCAR drivers alike lined up to give it a shot. The app was realistic enough that viewers were encouraged to take their headsets off if it became too intense and the professional drivers were shocked at how close it was to the real thing. Following the debut, XFINITY will take the experience to thirteen more races this NASCAR season. Check out the promo vid above for more info and stick around for the 360 video as well. 

“So many VR experiences aren’t really being seen by anyone,” said Office of Baby creative partner Paul Caiozzo. “XFINITY is able to bring this experience to thousands and thousands of NASCAR fans. That’s a really exciting thing.”

Here’s the making-of video, which demonstrates that some racing fans can’t quite handle it.


Agency – Office of Baby:

Creative Partner: Paul Caiozzo
Creative Partner: Nathan Frank
Art Director: Esai Ramirez

Live Action – Groove Jones:

Director: Dale Carman
1st AD: Keith McCabe
Executive Producer: Gary Banks
DP: Kelly Riemenschneider
Line Producer: Molly Brewer
DIT: Michael Ciancio
Location Sound Recording: John Fasal
PA: Melvin Patete

Post Production

Groove Jones:
ECD: Dale Carman
Head of Production: Keith McCabe
Executive Producer: Gary Banks
Editor: Justin Malone / Dale Carman
Senior Online Artist: Dale Carman
Motion Designer: Armando Loredo
Motion Designer: Ian Johnson

Original Music:
Datach’i “Black Trees”

Jafbox Sound
Sound Designer: Joseph Fraioli,

Heard City
Sound Mixer: Evan Mangiamele

Online and Clean-up: FX3X