Of Course, America Has a No. 1 Bloody Mary Mix, and Madwell Is Now Their AOR

By Doug Zanger 

Before we get started with this, please look at the byline. The last name. Yes, it’s Zanger. One of my nicknames is Zang. One of my previous nicknames was Zing Zang … or Zinger Zanger … or Zinger. I’m not entirely sure that there is some kind of I.P. thing going on here that I should be worried about, but there is a mixer brand called Zing Zang.

And they have the top Bloody Mary mix in America. I didn’t know that, either. But cool, right?

Nonetheless, the good folks at indie agency Madwell have scooped the brand’s entire cocktail mix portfolio up as AOR. And it looks like the whole schmear: social strategy and positioning, campaign platform development, media planning and buying, social media content and community management, digital advertising, and creative execution, along with a website refresh.


“Zing Zang is a remarkable brand. They’re the best at what they do, and their name pretty much summarizes both their products and their dynamic personality. We’re proud to be a partner in helping grow share across their entire cocktail mix portfolio,” said Madwell’s co-founder and CCO, Chris Sojka, not at all referring to the author of this post.

“As a frequent flyer and bruncher, I’d like to think I know a good bloody mary, and their core mix blows the marketplace to pieces,” he added, perhaps referring to early-morning Cancun or Caribbean flights, or Instagram-ready breakfast in the agency’s city.

You might know the agency from their Visible “404 Store Not Found” campaign that helped raise the visibility (yeah, the pun was intended) of the Verizon-owned no-contract provider. In addition to that brand, Madwell works with coconut water brand Harmless Harvest and organic baby food brand Happy Family Organics.

“We’re looking forward to Madwell representing Zing Zang, and I believe their breakthrough creative work can create more brand fans for us,” said Doug Corbett, chairman of the Chicago-based company.

As mentioned earlier, Madwell will look after the entire portfolio of mixers. This includes Sweet & Sour, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daquiri, Bloody Mary and Margarita, the last of which may have some fierce competition from Lonely Gal, made famous by The Good Place (this is a joke, by the way).