OEM Opens Cooling Centers in All Five Boroughs

By Matt Van Hoven 

Well if you’re not in New York, consider yourself lucky. As for me, I live in a pre-war 5 story walk-up in upper Manhattan, also known as Harlem/Morningside. Yeah, the heat is that bad. And it rises, or so they told me in 7th grade science.

Temperatures will remain the 90s, with heat indices climbing above 100 degrees, through Tuesday, June 10. Cooling centers are open in all five boroughs Monday, June 9, and Tuesday, June 10, to help New Yorkers beat the heat. Cooling centers are public places, such as senior centers and community centers where air conditioning is available. The Salvation Army has also opened Corps Community Centers in and around the city to help people cool off.


OEM reminds New Yorkers to avoid strenuous outdoor activity during the heat of the day. Seniors, young children, and people with special needs are particularly susceptible to heat-related illnesses.

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After about my 6th Freezie Pop (I think the last one was pink, and now I’m getting a stomach ache) and my second cold shower in two days (which really helps), I decided it was time to check out my options for cooling down.

It got me thinking about what the less fortunate are doing to stay cool, other than finding shade (sitting on hot pavement = shitty). I found this little link, and I may have to utilize its offerings before day’s end. 96 outside means 100+ inside.

I think I’m going crazy. Check back tomorrow to make sure I haven’t died. Farewell, until the next post.