OCD Parodied in Cleaning Product Spot

By Matt Van Hoven 

The video above is a spot (though we’re not sure if it was made on spec. or if it’s legit) for a toilet cleaning brand of products called Duck (an SCJohnson brand in Australia). In the ad, a computer animated duck runs around cleaning everything in the bathroom as James Bond might take out a room full of henchmen. The VO guy explains that the duck has “obsessive cleaning disorder” &#151 which (as you likely know) is an actual disorder that falls under OCD.

You know what’s funny &#151 like, just really hilarious? OK, you’re going to laugh at this: poking fun at serious medical conditions for the sake of selling a product. Hilarious! Well done, chaps.


Oh wait, no it’s not. Are we being too picky? Maybe. But let the above ad serve as an example of “what not to do”. Other medical conditions that should not be parodied include: epilepsy, cancer, AIDS, Parkinson’s, and all mental disabilities.

Learn more about OCD, and the 1 out of 50 people that suffer from it, here.