Obama Gains Support of White T-Shirts and Alphabet

By Matt Van Hoven 

SpellingChange dot com is a new Web site that puts the creation of collaborative art (pro-Obama campaign materials) in the hands of y’all. Cool right? Need a bumper sticker, t-shirt, banner ad, etc. that is sure to be branded in a recognizable way? SpellingChange has got the hooksup.

Here’s how it works. A bunch of artists et cetera were asked to create artsy letters of the alphabet. Said letters were then printed on t-shirts, which were then put on people who posed for pics.


The letters and their t-shirt doppelgangers were put into a cool algorithm on SpellingChange dot com. They even made the thing embeddable! Check out the one we made above about ad placement!

From the site: “Spelling Change was developed by a group of creative professionals to spread awareness and passion about the Obama campaign. Its goal is to encourage one-to-one communication by creating tools that help people get out the word on issues that are important to them.”

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