NYTimes Launches Marketing Ploy

By Matt Van Hoven 

“The New York Times” launched the Beta version of TimesPeople today. The site, which is an extension of the paper’s regular service, is available only to NYTimes registered users.

The focus?

“TimesPeople is a new way to discover what other readers find interesting on our site &#151 and to make recommendations of your own. With TimesPeople, you can share articles, videos, slideshows, blog posts, comments on articles, and ratings and reviews of movies, restaurants and hotels.”

Why TNYT thinks people need a place to share their thoughts, favorite articles and all that is beyond us. The thought is smart, but will it benefit them? What if it flops?

This part made me laugh.

“This beta release of TimesPeople is a Firefox browser add-on. The public launch of TimesPeople later this year will not require a plug-in and will work on all major Web browsers. TimesPeople will not monitor routine site activity, such as when you read articles, click on links or view graphics. Nor will TimesPeople broadcast private activities, such as when you e-mail an article or video.”

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