NYC Biking PSA Warns Against ‘Citypricks’

By Jordan Teicher 

When I say PSA, I don’t mean the sanctioned, usually preachy Don’t Do Fill-in-the-Blank clips. Some taboos are less dire than others, say, like the difference between being a bad Citibike driver and smoking cigarettes until lung cancer arrives. But for anyone who lives in New York City and has seen some oblivious riders swaying around the streets on those blue Citibikes, it can still be an important public service.

“Citypricks,” which comes from Citydoping creators Peter Cortez and Joe Sayaman, is about as an informal as a PSA can get – Citibike did not sponsor this, obviously. Citypricks are defined as “the pricks that can kill you while biking,” and the one-minute-and-forty-second clip sneakily shows bad bikers in the wrong lane, taxis blocking bikers, and crappy tourists taking pictures in the street. All of these problems are important, and even if they don’t kill you, they do cause an alarming increase in blood pressure and volatility. Citypricks are real. If you know someone who may be a Cityprick, please call….no, kidding, just tell them to use common sense. It shouldn’t be that difficult, right? Brief credits after the jump.


Camera: Shantanu Starick

Editor: Thor Neureiter

Music: Tigerwood