Now Alex Bogusky Wants to Wrestle Gary Vee

By Erik Oster 

Alex Bogusky is itching for a fight.

Last week, Bogusky, who returned to advertising in August as CP+B’s chief creative engineer, challenged Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to a wrestling match at CP+B’s pro wrestling-themed “Holiday on the Ropes” office party. Since it appears Johnson is off shooting 10Fast10Furious, or whatever the latest installment in that series is called, Bogusky has issued a challenge to a different prospective proponent: Gary Vaynerchuck.

That’s right, Bogusky wants to make Alex B v. Gary Vee the advertising-related wrestling match of the…actually it’s probably the only one ever.


Today, Bogusky challenged the Vaynermedia founder in a LinkedIn Post, promising to donate $10,000 to a charity of his choosing if he shows. In an accompanying video, which also posted to Twitter and Instagram, he calls Vaynerchuck a “smart cookie,” while noting that he too knows how to “hustle” and “grind.”

He goes on to set the stakes: If he wins, Vaynerchuck gives up social media for a week, if he loses, he wears a Vaynermedia shirt for a week. We’re not exactly sure those are equivalent stakes.

We were pretty sure this stunt was over after The Rock said no, but it appears Bogusky is going to keep at it until someone agrees to get in the ring with him. We hear Jordan Zimmerman likes to work out.