‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ Is W+K London’s Latest for Nike

By Erik Oster 

W+K London touts its home city in “Nothing Beats a Londoner,” a new campaign for Nike.

The long-form spot “Nothing Beats a Londoner” features some 258 young residents of the city, as well as a series of cameos from the likes of Mo Farah, Harry Kane, Dina Asher-Smith, Gareth Southgate and Skepta. The celebration of London and its young athletes begins with a young runner referring to cycling as “light work.” This sets off a series of one-upmanship that spans the remainder of the ad, featuring a series of increasingly difficult athletic feats.

Each of the young athletes in the spot was given his or her own section of the ad as stand-alone content, which they promoted via social channels. The full version of the ad launched online, on broadcast and in cinemas today.

“‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ champions a special, unbeatable attitude we’ve discovered in the U.K.’s capital. The campaign is from London, for London, and celebrates the next generation of sporting stars against a city backdrop thriving with a culture of sport in every street, park and building,” W+K London creative directors Paddy Treacy and Mark Shanley said in a statement. “Despite the star cameos, the creative flips the traditional model and holds kids up as the inspiration for all—championing them, their spirit and incredible athlete mindset.”